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Zarina Photoshoot + BTS Video

Join us behind the scenes with the start up label Zarina. All pieces are designed & handmade in Australia.

This footage demonstrates Australian craftsmanship and exhibits Zarina’s Black Angel Sequin Kimono.

  • Client:  Zarina
  • Date: 10 Aug 2017
  • Location: Darling Harbour
  • Author: Virtue Creative

Zarina location photography 1

Zarina location photography 2

Zarina location photography 3

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Who are we and what can we do?

We are a fashion photography, videography and motion studio based in Sydney. We have a range of services from campaign, lookbook, model e-commerce, as well as ghost mannequin, flatlay and product photography. We also specialise in motion such as animation, 360 photography and videography.