What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Ghost mannequin photography is a high demand service where the garments are the sole focus. The fit and tailoring of the garment is exhibited. This is an effective way to market your products online, as well as in magazines as potential customers can view how the product sits from the front and back. Further, invisible mannequin photography is an alternative for businesses who are after an economical option.

Captivate Your Customers with the Most Effective Invisible Mannequin Photography!

The ecommerce fashion and retail world has evolved over the years. These days, you need more than just a mediocre product image to arouse the interest of your customers and get them to make a purchase decision. This is exactly the reason why you need high-quality ghost mannequin photography to make your clothing product images stand out from your competitors.

You need professional ghost mannequin photography to capture the apparel product in a three-dimensional format without the visual influence of excess styling or a model. This encompasses both the item’s style and the quality of its interior and exterior material. Nevertheless, this is easier said than done. Anybody can take a photograph. However, it takes a professional photographer with experience and knowledge of Photoshop to bring out all the unique features of a product via ghost mannequin photography.

Why Work With Us?

Ghost Mannequin Photography Explained

Virtue Creative Studio is a fashion photography studio based in Sydney. We specialize in photography for ecommerce stores, catalogues/magazines, videography, stop motion, 3D, augmented reality, and other marketing materials for various companies. One of our popular services is Invisible Mannequin Photography.

We’ve been shooting these types of images for a good while now. Many of our customers have been with us for years. Additionally, our pricing is very competitive, and we guarantee 100% high-quality product images at all times.

The ecommerce fashion industry is a cut-throat business. Thousands of online retailers compete for customer attention. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your online store will soon become extinct. So, how do you stand out? Use invisible mannequin photography to make your online store unique and provide your visitors with a better shopping experience. This will attract more customers to your store and retain existing ones. Having a variety of image types per product can increase traffic conversion, catering to the different ways your customers may visualize themselves wearing your styles.

What exactly is ghost mannequin photography?

It’s a process where a mannequin (also known as an Invisible Mannequin) is dressed with clothing items (products) before taking a photograph. The product is showcased in a three-dimensional way, enabling your customers to view the products from all angles – just the way it will look on a real person. After the photography, the dummy doll is edited out in post-production. Therefore, the final image is a lifelike photograph that keeps the focus on the product. It brings the product ‘alive’ and helps your customers imagine themselves wearing the clothing items. Only an experienced product photographer with great retouching skills can achieve this effect.

To start the invisible mannequin process, we shoot the clothing item on the dummy doll from different angles. This allows us to capture the different features of the product, which we later use to create an exquisite 3D invisible mannequin image. We also pay attention to small details like labels and logos that help accentuate the entire 3D photo. Indeed, the smallest of details can make a huge difference in mannequin photography. That’s why you need a professional photographer with the right knowledge to handle the whole process for you.


Ghost Mannequin Photography Process

It takes a professional ghost mannequin photographer to convert an ordinary photo into a perfect invisible mannequin image. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience needed to make any clothing item look as realistic as possible. That’s exactly what we’re offering you with our ghost mannequin services.

Our job is to bring the features of your garments to ‘life’, regardless of the style and material. This requires utmost attention to detail and a specialist touch. There are certain steps to be taken before commencing the shooting, such as steaming the garment, removal of dirt, dust, and loose threads, garment manipulation, handling, and general attention to detail. Additionally, the photographer needs to be creative and have a deep knowledge of post-production processes.

Planning the Ghost Mannequin Photography

The size of garments to be photographed must be provided before anything else. Consistent sizing helps with post-production editing and retouching processes.

Clothing apparels may require ironing or steaming before they are photographed. It’s very important, as it helps remove the creases the garments might have. We make use of professional steamer to remove any crease from the garment, once we unpack or unfold it. 

In order to capture all the angles and features of the clothing item, it needs to be styled and photographed in a particular way, or else the mannequin photography won’t give off the right effect. 

E-commerce fashion and retail world has evolved over the years. These days, you need more than just a mediocre product image to arouse the interest of your customers and get them to make a purchase decision. This is exactly the reason why you need a high quality images to make your clothing image stand out from your competitors.


Shooting the Right Images

To get the perfect 3D image of clothing apparels, we need to shoot the garment from all angles. This includes the front and back of the garment, as well as the sides and close-ups of various garment embellishments. Consequently, more angles provide your customers with as much information as possible about the product and help them make a purchase decision. We focus on small details such as labels, logos, embroidery, zippers, and buttons, as they help demonstrate the quality of the clothing item.

Front and Back Images

As an online fashion retailer, your top priority should be to provide your customers with a realistic and unique shopping experience. You can do this by having them visualize every detail about the garment. Therefore, we display all angles (front, back, etc.) of the clothing item when we shoot our ghost mannequin images.

Customers need the opportunity to appreciate the full image of the clothing item, not just the front. The back image, in particular, requires more time and tactfulness. We need to ensure that details such as clothing styling, feature cuts, and garment embellishments are showcased in the final photograph. This makes the front and back photographs two separate images, requiring the same amount of photo editing expertise.

Simple vs. Complex Product Photography

Invisible mannequin photography has only one aim – to showcase the best possible features of every clothing apparel. This strengthens your brand identity, drives more customer engagement, and increases sales. As a result, every clothing item needs the greatest attention to detail. Simple garments such as t-shirts don’t necessarily require additional styling or manipulation. However, this is not the case with complex garments such as evening gowns. Such garments sometimes come with specific photo-shooting and handling instructions. The photographer will need to pay special attention to certain features both during the planning stage, the shooting session, and the post-production processes.

The Post Production Process

An ordinary photographer without the proper knowledge of clothing apparel photography should not shoot invisible mannequin photography. A certain level of expertise is required to get the product photo-shoot right. As soon as the shooting session on the mannequin is over, the post-production process starts. A invisible mannequin photography specialist will carefully edit out the mannequin to showcase the interior of the clothing apparel – portraying the product in its true shape and colors.

The specialist focuses on specific aspects during the post-production stage. These include image cropping, retouching, modifying the image background, image sharpness, alignment of the garment, and color balance. It’s at this phase that we combine the front and back shots of the garment. We then expose the interior of the product while maintaining the figure and form of the garment. The end result is a lifelike and perfect garment photograph that drives more customer engagement for your online store. Please view our image catalogue for more samples of invisible mannequin photographs.

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