Elevating Activewear Brands: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Bondi Active Photoshoot

At Virtue Creative Studio, we recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the dynamic activewear brand, – Bondi Active, for an exciting E-commerce model photography and ghost mannequin session. As a leading photography studio based in Sydney, we take pride in providing specialized services not only in Sydney but also extending our reach to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide. E-commerce […]

A Dive into Dawn Marie’s Debut Swimwear Collection Photoshoot

At Virtue Creative Studio, we recently had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the world of Dawn Marie, a captivating new swimwear brand that just launched its first collection. As a label deeply rooted in meticulously crafted designs inspired by travel, Dawn Marie transports you to a realm of luxury infused with the tropical nostalgia […]

Capturing the Essence of Camilla’s Collaboration with Royal Delft

A Fusion of Artistry: Capturing the Essence of Camilla’s Collaboration with Royal Delft At Virtue Creative Studio, we recently embarked on a creative journey with Camilla in their collaboration with Royal Delft, blending the worlds of fashion and tableware into a mesmerizing collection. Our team delved into the realms of photography, stop-motion, and green screen […]

Renovated Photography Studio and May Deal!

We are thrilled to announce some major updates at our photography studio! After weeks of hard work and dedication, we have completed renovations to enhance your photography experience. Our studio is now more inviting and versatile than ever before, with new props and amenities for our valued clients. Renovations: Our team has worked tirelessly to […]

Night Fashion City Photography – Capturing the Night

Unique Collaboration with Leona Edmiston in Night City Fashion Photography Virtue Creative Studio recently had the opportunity to team up with the renowned Leona Edmiston for an unforgettable night city fashion photography shoot. This collaboration not only allowed us to showcase our creative flair it also provided a unique and thrilling experience for both our […]


How Stop-Motion Animation can Brighten the Dullest of Pages Flat-lay photography to ghost mannequin photography, it’s really been an eventful five or so years in the eCommerce photography world, with trends coming and going, the emergence and rise of social eCommerce stores – bringing with it the importance of quality photographs. Let’s face it when […]

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