Product photography

Product photography is something that we love doing, and it shows. From fashion accessories, handbags, shoes, jewellery, and perfumes to a range of medical products, electronics and furniture – if you have a product to be photographed, we’ve got you covered. At Virtue Creative, we make the whole process easy for you. You can send your products to our Sydney product photography studio, or we can photograph them at your premises with our fully portable studio.

What is product photography?

Every brand needs professional product photos as a critical part of its marketing strategy. Product photography will show your customers what they can expect, present the quality of your product and highlight all its essential features. There are many options for what can high-quality product images look like. From choosing the proper lighting, styling and angles to consulting the right amount of images for each platform, we mastered producing product photographs for businesses of all sizes.

Why choose us for your product photos?

We specialise in all types of product photography, including classic E-commerce shots on white backgrounds, product photos for websites such as Amazon or The Iconic or even creative flat lays to freshen up your online presence. Our team of professionals works with designer products daily, so we know how to make their colours and textures pop.

What does the product photography process look like?

First, say hello and get in touch with our friendly team! We’ll provide you with a quote and guidance on the number of images you need, styling, and backdrops and answer any other questions you might have. The next step is securely packing your products and sending them to our studio. Would you like us to photograph your products on your premises? No problem at all – our portable studio can be set anywhere.

We do our in-house retouching, so you know your product photos will be spotless, with background colour strictly based on your guidelines. Images are always delivered according to your specifications so that you can upload them on your website or social media immediately. Once we are finished photographing your products, we will send them back, or you can just come and pick them up.

Why choose us?

Your satisfaction is our priority. At Virtue Creative, we understand that arranging a photoshoot can be stressful, so we make the process as easy as possible. Our team of professional photographers will accommodate your needs and requests, no matter how big the project is. Thanks to our high-end equipment, we can guarantee sharp, clear, high-quality images that impress your customers.

Who are we and what can we do?

We are a fashion photography, videography and motion studio based in Sydney. We have a range of services from campaign, lookbook, model e-commerce, as well as ghost mannequin, flatlay and product photography. We also specialise in motion such as animation, 360 photography and videography.