The Iconic Model & Product Photography

The Iconic is one of the leading online stores in Australia. The Iconic photography is one of our most popular services amongst our clients.

The Iconic has a very strict guidelines for their images and we are always on point with them. Our clients are supplied with the shots that are ready to be uploaded, no matter if it’s product photography or model images.

Why do you need professional photos for The Iconic?

The importance of making sure your product photos meet all the e-commerce image guidelines for the Iconic website cannot be overemphasized of what to do or what not to do for your product photos. Failure to adhere to even one area of this guideline will get your product unlisted from the platform or never get approved in the first place. We’ve painstakingly studied these guidelines and make sure all the product photos we shoot for our clients who sell on the platform meet all of them. And we do this at an affordable rate.

How can we help you with The Iconic photography?

At Virtue Creative, we’ve a fully-equipped commercial photography studio in Sydney, and a team of professional photographers and videographers on ground. We offer a wide range of product and model photography packages for sellers on the Iconic platform. Regardless of whether you’re selling shoes, males/women’s apparels or bags, we can help your products stand out from the ‘herd’, and consequently convert viewers into buyers.

When we talk of product photography, we’re not only referring to the artistic angle. It also means displaying your products in the highest possible resolution with all the ‘trims and fits’, as this could be the difference between consistent sales and very low sales. You want to get a lot of sales on the Iconic website right? Then get the professionals at Virtue Creative to handle your product photography for you. Your product photos represent your products, and they make a huge difference between whether you leave your sales to your competitors or not.

We understand that these images have the ability of making or marring your business. That’s why we never compromise on quality. If it’s not a premium-quality product image, then you won’t get it at Virtue Creative.

Even if you need 1000 images for different products, we take our time to find the ideal setting and integrate the proper lighting needed for each product photo shoot. We then proceed to enhance the image further with our expert retouching skills.
All our post-production services (resize, text and image overlays, etc.) are carried out by our specialists, thus ensuring you receive Iconic-befitting images for your products.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with our Model and Product Photography services.

Who are we and what can we do?

We are a fashion photography, videography and motion studio based in Sydney. We have a range of services from campaign, lookbook, model e-commerce, as well as ghost mannequin, flatlay and product photography. We also specialise in motion such as stop motion animation, 360 photography and videography.