Stop Motion / Moving Images & Animation

Design your own moving images / stop motion to add to your fashion website, portfolio or social media. Be ahead of your industry by incorporating moving images and animations so that your clients have an interactive and extraordinary experience whilst exploring your label, company or products.

Create animations from multiple shots,

or merge photography and video together!

Our approach

Our passion for moving images, coupled with the high-end photographic equipment in our Sydney studio, makes us ready to take on any of your creative challenges.

There is definitely something about stop-motion video, and the notion of moving images turned into an animation that encapsulates and draws us to this new eCommerce photography trend. It’s creative, unique, and all about lighting, timing, and frame rate.

What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion animation is a fun and quirky way to engage with your audience by creating a unique visual experience. It’s versatile and can be used for promotional and instructional videos, content marketing and, of course, eCommerce photography styles.

It involves photographing objects, moving them slightly and taking another photograph. When we piece these photos together, they create an illusion of movement, and your products come alive.

Why choose us for your stop motion animation in Sydney?

We are specialists in stop motion animation, trusted by fashion brands to showcase their collections in a unique and fun way. Whether you are looking for scroll-stopping content for Instagram, short videos for TikTok, Snapchat or Facebook, or want to create interesting gifs for your website, we can’t wait to bring your ideas to life.


Would you like to see more samples or our work? Feel free to contact us.

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